About EastWest

EastWest is a physiotherapy clinic which purpose is to provide a high standard of western allied medical services. EastWest aims to improve quality of life through evidence-based practice and the latest research. Efficient and effective treatment is provided by experienced practitioners and the latest equipments. EastWest also has osteopathy, golf physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

EastWest is owned by two medical doctors (trained in Australia and USA) in partnership with a Perth-based healthcare company. This partnership ensures that all aspects of patient management are conducted according to evidenced-based medicine and best international-standard practices.


EastWest Team

EastWest Physiotherapists are some of the most highly trained Physiotherapists in Indonesia. Most of our therapists have gone through extensive training both in Indonesia and Australia.

We also run the most comprehensive on-the-job training for our local therapists on an ongoing basis. Each of our physiotherapists receives hours of training every week in various sub-specialties under supervision by our world-class therapists.



I have been using Eastwest Physiotherapy for 3 years for both Physiotherapy & Sports Massage. All of their therapists are professional and highly qualified. They take a personal interest, hands-on and happily provide advice & exercises to keep me healthy between visits.

My name is Brendan Emery, I’m a Scotsman living & working in Jakarta Indonesia for the past year. I have been a patient at East West Physiotherapy since late September 2012. I was referred to East West by My Insurance Company after a serious Paragliding accident in Bali. 

East West sport massage, the right place to recover muscles sprained with Professional therapist, should try, I have and gained faster recovery.

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